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Long Distance Moving

Long distance moving can be a daunting task if you are trying to keep the costs low and unprepared of what to expect. People don’t move everyday to far away places and it might be a once in a lifetime thing to do for many. Having a lot of knowledge on this kind of moving is not possible unless you read about it on the internet and prepare yourself on what to expect. The final days of moving can be stressful and uneventful if you do not manage properly. To avoid getting into such a situation always be planned and strategize your move from the word go. One thing to keep in mind is, right from day one keep all your personal belongings such as passports, jewelry, bank papers and medicines with you in a separate bag. These should not be shipped and should go along with you.

While long distance moving the whole effort goes into packing and you can be really smart with packing and avoid a lot of tensions for you. Start with the kitchen when it comes to downsizing. Take an inventory of much food you have at home and what are all the perishable items that can be used up. Prepare a menu based on that use up all these items. If there are other liquids such as oils and vinegar or sauces left in your kitchen, dispose them while moving. These things if left in your packages they eventually break lose and then mess up all other things. You wouldn’t want to deal with this sort of mess while unpacking.

When packing electronic items for long distance moving you have to be careful and it is always better to take professional help for such things. If you are doing it by yourself then make sure you pack it up in its original container first and if it is not available then use enough thermo and bubble wraps as padding. Blankets and soft boards can also be used as padding for such items. The same goes for items like mirrors and paintings which need to be padded well before packing. If they break they will cause damage to other items as well and that is why it is better to be more careful right in the beginning.

For big items like cabinets and closets furniture padding should be available with your moving supplies and it is a good idea to leave the clothes that you won’t be carrying along in the wardrobes itself. It is not a good idea to use trash bags for packing clothes while long distance moving. You can also avoid misplacing the small bags here and there and you will have all your things neatly in order when you unpack. The china ware and crystal should be packed individually piece by piece and should be placed in a box with adequate cushioning. Also use bubble when everything is put together in one box. The smaller items like books and cd’s and other personal papers should packed into smaller boxes and stacked up together.

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