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Your Rights and Responsibilities

Sorting and packing
While moving it is important to sort items in terms of their importance which not only makes packing easier but also assures that only the most important items are moved, leaving the non important one. It is also important to sort the items in terms of their delicate nature and fragility. Goods that you are traveling with should be packed and special care should be taken for fragile items, pets and also plants.

Looking for a mover
While looking for a mover, it is important to search through several movers to get their estimates. It is important also to show everything that one intends to move to the mover and any special services that they are to offer like packing and unpacking. It is also very important to make a written agreement with the mover on issues like payment or credit terms and also terms and conditions for the contract. While looking for a mover, a licensed and registered mover should be sort and they must also be fully insured.

Condition of the goods
It is important to state the condition of the goods you are traveling with in the bill of landings, indicating any deformities present in the goods. Proper and more accurate description of the amount of damage is important so as to guard against any additional damage that can be inflicted during the move.

Bill of landings
A bill of landings is a receipt for the goods and it indicates the contract between you and the mover. It contains the rates and conditions of the movers tariffs, the and also the condition of the goods to be moved. A detailed reading of the bill of landing should be made so as to make sure that the terms and conditions for the move are fully understood.

Delivery of goods
Once the goods are delivered, the mover will ask for the signing of the delivery receipt, and the bill of landings. It is important to make a thorough check of the goods delivered for any damage or loss. Telling this to the driver is not enough but it should also be indicated on the delivery sheet. Signing of any delivery papers should not be made until the delivery is complete.

Moving with pets
If you are moving with pets, special precautions should be made. Pets should not travel with the delivery van but near you. They should also be well labeled with the address clearly indicated. A check with the authority should also be made for some pets require special permission while traveling.

Moving with house plants
While moving with house plants, special care should be taken as some house plants require special permission from government agencies. Also one should in advance check for the climatic conditions of the destination point as some house plants are affected by temperature changes and some cannot tolerate darkness for a long period of time while in travel vans.

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